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Tag: Indian Business Stories

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    Engineered in India: From Dreams to Billion-Dollar Cyient

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    BVR Mohan Reddy


    ‘Engineered in India faithfully chronicles Mohan Reddy’s journey and enumerates how catalysts like him can be able partners in nation-building’ — NIRMALA SITHARAMANNIRMALA SITHARAMAN, finance minister, Government of India, India


    ‘This book brings out the DNA of Mohan’s personality-leadership, courage, determination, honesty, integrity, simplicity, conviviality and concern for the less fortunate’ — N. NARAYANA MURTHY, co-founder, Infosys Limited, Limited


    A young man steps out of the precincts of IIT Kanpur in 1974 with a dream in his heart-to become an entrepreneur and contribute to nation-building. Undaunted by the dearth of experience and means to capital in pre-Liberalization India, B.V.R. Mohan Reddy’s enterprising spirit takes the long and winding road, never losing sight of his ambition. He gains overseas education on a scholarship and dons multiple hats for eighteen long years before embarking on his life’s mission at forty. A mission that propels the company he incorporated, Cyient, to pioneer and excel in outsourced engineering services and introduce the brand ‘Engineered in India’.


    Engineered in India takes readers on an entrepreneurial rollercoaster ride, allowing them to see human truths with tools that let them breathe life into their business aspirations and experiments.

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    Unfinished Business: Evolving Capitalism in the World’s Largest Democracy

    Rs. 2,690.00
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    Nandini Vijayaraghavan


    Crony capitalism and controversial businessmen, with Nandini Vijayaraghavan ― Forbes India


    Very useful insights on how failed companies came to be what they became. ― The Financial Express


    Unfinished Business is a chronicle of contemporary Indian corporate history, narrated through the professional trajectories of four high-profile businessmen: Anil Ambani, Naresh Goyal, V.G. Siddhartha and Vijay Mallya.


    By no means unique in their proclivity for debt and penchant for politics, these four men belonged to a rarefied club of entrepreneurs, who could raise a sizeable quantum of financing with ease despite their businesses not generating adequate cash flows and/or possessing sufficient collateral.


    So, what competitive advantage(s) did this guild of Indian entrepreneurs have? What caused their enterprises to struggle, while other similar organizations whose CEOs shared these attributes survived and even flourished? How did the Indian business ecosystem, regulatory norms, lenders’ underwriting practices and investor due diligence influence the organizations helmed by this quartet?


    Following these four entrepreneurs’ careers and professional decisions, Unfinished Business throws light on the evolution of Indian capitalism during the first two decades of the twenty-first century, set against the backdrop of a dynamic political, regulatory and business climate in India. And, with great insight, clarity and analysis, Nandini Vijayaraghavan explores the takeaways for entrepreneurs, regulators, lenders and investors in this compelling, illuminating read.

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    Welcome To The World Of The Tatas Box Set: ( 3 Books in 1 ) The Creation of Wealth + The TCS Story and Beyond + Tatalog

    Rs. 5,390.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,796.67 with

    R M Lala, Ramadorai S. and Harish Bhat


    The Creation of Wealth is R. M. Lala’s bestselling account of how the Tatas have been at the forefront in the making of the Indian nation-not just by their phenomenal achievements as industrialists and entrepreneurs but also by their singular contributions in areas like factory reforms, social welfare, medical research, higher education, arts and rural development.


    In The TCS Story and Beyond, S. Ramadorai, one of the country’s most respected business leaders, recounts the steps to the extraordinary success of Tata Consultancy Services, one of the world’s largest IT software and services companies, and outlines a vision for the future where the quality initiatives he undertook can be applied to a larger national framework.


    Tatalog: Eight Modern Stories from a Timeless Institution provides readers with an insider’s glimpse of the challenges faced by the Tata companies and how they rose above it all and carved a name for themselves.

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    The Story of Tata: The Story of a Family that Built a Global Empire

    Rs. 3,190.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,063.33 with

    Peter Casey


    ‘For anyone curious to know about the Indian company that has become a leading global player, this book is the perfect introduction’ ― Financial Express


    ‘How did Tata transform itself from a family-owned venture to the position it is in today in an array of unrelated businesses? What is the “Tata Way”, which has earned it much admiration and respect? These are among the several aspects that Peter Casey looks into’ ― Economic Times


    In ‘The Story of Tata’, Peter Casey writes that Ratan Tata’s modesty is reflected in the company and its ‘no-bribe’ stance too. ― The Print


    The first and only authorized biography on Tata Group including the Tata-Mistry legal battle, exclusive interviews with Ratan Tata, and never-before-seen photographs of the Tata family.


    In 1868, Jamsetji Tata, a visionary of his time, lit the flame that went on to become Tata and its group of companies. This business grew into an extraordinary one. One that some may even call ‘the greatest company in the world’. Over the decades, the business expanded and prospered under the leadership of the various keepers of the flame, such as Sir Dorabji Tata, J.R.D. Tata and Ratan Tata, to name a few. But one day, the headlines boldly declared that the chairman of the board of Tata Sons, Cyrus Mistry, had been fired.


    What went wrong?


    In this exclusive and authorized book, insiders of the Tata businesses open up to Peter Casey for the first time to tell the story. From its humble beginnings as a mercantile company to its growth as a successful yet philanthropic organization to its recent brush with Mistry, this is a book that every business- minded individual must read.

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    Big Billion Startup: The Untold Flipkart Story

    Rs. 2,790.00
    or 3 X Rs.930.00 with

    Mihir Dalal


    • Winner of Gaja Capital Business Book Prize 2020


    The definitive account of India’s biggest startup that redefined e-commerce, entrepreneurship and the way we shop and live.


    IIT graduates Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal founded out of a Bangalore apartment what would become India’s biggest e-commerce startup. Established in October 2007, Flipkart began as an online bookstore and soon came to be known for its ‘customer obsession’. As the startup’s reputation grew, so did its value, with venture capitalists in India and abroad lining up to invest heavily in the company that stood for bold ambition, unabashed consumerism and the
    virtues of technology.


    Investigative journalist Mihir Dalal recounts the astounding story of how the Bansals built Flipkart into a multi-billion-dollar powerhouse in the span of a few years and made internet entrepreneurship a desirable occupation. But it is also a story of big money, power and hubris, as both business and interpersonal complexities weakened the founders’ control over their creation and forced them to sell out to a retailer whose dominance they had once dreamt of emulating. Flipkart’s auction involved some of the corporate world’s biggest names, from Jeff Bezos, Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai to Masayoshi Son and Doug McMillon, an ironic testimony to the strength of what the Bansals had forged.


    Based on extraordinary research, extensive interviews and deep access to key characters in the Flipkart story, Big Billion Startup is the riveting and revealing account of how Sachin and Binny Bansal built and sold India’s largest internet company.

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    Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts (5th Anniversary Edition): A Story of the Indian Stock Market

    Rs. 2,690.00
    or 3 X Rs.896.67 with

    Santosh Nair


    ‘An honest and extremely detailed recounting of the evolution of the market’ — Business Line


    ‘A delightful book on the stock markets’ — Free Press Journal


    A rip-roaring history of the Indian stock market post liberalization.


    The wise and wily Lalchand Gupta takes you on an exciting journey through Dalal Street in this comprehensive history of the stock market since 1991. From tech booms and tax evasion to banks and money laundering; scams and crashes to fixers and investors, Lala has seen it all. Bringing the story up to the present, this special fifth anniversary edition also makes keen observations about the developments on the trading floor of the Bombay Stock Exchange in more recent times and doles out smart investing hacks in Lala’s inimitable style.


    Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts is a must-read for anyone interested in the financial health of the country as well as those who want to know about the sensational events that led up to the far more sterile stock-market operations of the present day.

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    The Creation of Wealth: The Tatas from the 19th to the 21st Century

    Rs. 2,390.00
    or 3 X Rs.796.67 with

    R. M. Lala


    ‘A saga of enterprise, that is not to be missed’ – Business Line 


    ‘The book stands out like a jewel in more ways than one… A writer of the calibre of R.M. Lala invests the entire narrative with simplicity, dignity and elegance’ – Financial Express


     When Jamsetji Tata started a trading firm in 1868, few could have guessed that he was also opening an important chapter in the making of modern India. Jamsetji saw that the three keys to India’s industrial development were steel, hydroelectric power and technical education and research. A century and a half later, the Tatas can claim with justice to have lived up to the vision of their founder.


    But the road to success has never been smooth. Appearing for the first time in this edition is the story of how the Tatas, with Ratan Tata at the helm, have had to grapple with change in the post-1992 era of economic reforms. In a frank epilogue, Ratan Tata talks about the difficulties he faced in implementing change, including resistance from his colleagues. The Creation of Wealth is R.M. Lala’s best-selling account of how the Tatas have been at the forefront in the making of the Indian nation “not just by their phenomenal achievements as industrialists and entrepreneurs but also by their signal contributions in areas like factory reforms, labour and social welfare, medical research, higher education, culture and arts and rural development.

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