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Tag: Leibniz

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    Infinite Powers: The Story of Calculus , The Language of the Universe

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    Steven Strogatz


    • Shortlistedd for the royal society Science book Prize 2019


    Warning: this book is dangerous. It will make you love mathematics. Even more, there is a nonzero risk it will turn you into a mathematician. ― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, bestselling author of The Black Swan


    Eloquent, erudite and charming. A remarkable story. Strogatz is a world class mathematician and a world class science writer. With a light touch and razor-sharp clarity, he tells the remarkable story of a mathematical breakthrough that changed the world – and continues to do so. ― Alex Bellos, bestselling author of Alex’s Adventures in Numberland


    Simple, lucid, amusing, informative, and a pleasure to read. If you want to know where calculus came from, how it works, what it’s good for, and where it’s going next, this is the book for you. ― Professor Ian Stewart, author of Significant Figures


    A wide-ranging, humane, thoroughly readable take on one of the greatest ideas our species has ever produced. ― Jordan Ellenberg, author of How Not to Be Wrong


    A highly readable account of calculus and its modern applications – all done with the human touch. ― Dr David Acheson, Emeritus Fellow, Oxford University and author of The Calculus Story

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