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    The Science of Self-Discipline: The Willpower, Mental Toughness and Self-Control to Resist Temptation and Achieve Your Goals

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     Peter Hollins


    Whatever you want in your life, self-discipline is the missing piece. Goals will remain dreams if you make the mistake of relying on motivation and your best-drawn plans.


    The Science of Self-Discipline takes a deep look into what allows us to resist our worst impulses and simply execute, achieve, produce, and focus. You’ll learn how top performers consistently exercise self-discipline, as well as what drives us on an instinctual, psychological level to act. Every principle is scientifically driven and dissected to as be actionable and helpful as possible:


    • The biological basis of self-discipline, and why it’s beneficial to you;
    • Discipline tactics for high performers such as Navy SEALs;
    • Diagnosing what motivates you, what drains you, and what moves you emotionally;
    • Engineering an environment and social circle that boosts self-discipline. This isn’t just a book; it’s a roadmap to the human psyche and will allow you to accomplish exactly what you set out to do, every time.
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