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Tag: Workplace Culture

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    Passion Economy and the Side Hustle Revolution

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    Utkarsh Amitabh


    Utkarsh captures the essence of the passion economy with fascinating stories from across the world. He deftly engages with the ‘impossible triangle’ of policy, platform and passion, which influences our professional endeavours and defines our place and purpose in these exciting times. Utkarsh’s book mirrors his own experiments with all aspects of life. — Samir Saran ― President, Observer Research Foundation


    The last few years permanently changed our relationship with work. Things aren’t likely to go back to the way they were. Perhaps that is a good thing. This way we get to redefine the norms, reduce the biases and co-create a new normal for work that is equitable and impactful. By writing a book on the passion economy, Utkarsh has initiated an important conversation not only about work but also our guiding philosophy of the society of tomorrow. — Shashi Tharoor ― Member of Parliament and Award-winning Author


    Jobs in 2030 will require us to reinvent ourselves. Utkarsh’s book demystifies the future of work. He explains how we can prepare ourselves and offers concrete ideas for people and organizations hungry to build what he calls a ‘category of one’. — Tarun Khanna ― Professor, Harvard Business School


    Work’ is getting unbundled from ‘employment’ and the ‘The Great Resignation’ has become the new normal. As the passion economy becomes mainstreamed, people will look to build a portfolio of professions that create multiple income streams.


    They are likely to monetize their passions and build a career on their terms, seeking autonomy, mastery and purpose along the way. Today it is possible to do what you love, teach what you love and make a living. This book will tell you HOW.

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    Just Work: Get Sh*t Done, Fast & Fair

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    Kim Malone Scott


    ‘Powerful and perceptive . . . belongs on the shelves – and in the hearts and minds – of leaders everywhere.’ Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of To Sell is Human


    “In debates over workplace inequality, we don’t talk enough about the ‘how’ ― how to respond to a boss or coworker who acts unfairly, how exactly that person should change their behavior. Just Work helps answer the how. Kim Scott provides actionable, effective ways for fighting discrimination and harassment with engagement, collaboration, and respect.” —Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and founder of LeanIn.Org and OptionB.Org


    “Packed with stories from Scott’s career, Just Work offers a solutions-focused perspective on #MeToo, acknowledging that gender injustice doesn’t exist in a vacuum and broadening the frame to consider diversity and inclusion writ large. Each of us has an important role in creating a fair and reasonable workplace. When we play that role and create the conditions for others to do the same, we can create real change today in the place where most of us spend most of our time–at work.” —Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation


    “It’s about time someone tackled this thorny subject. Bravo! Many workplaces get tangled up or ignore the issues when dealing with bias and difference. Thank goodness for Kim Scott and her dose of candor, offering us not just the words, but the courage and compassion required to deal with conflicting points of view. Just Work holds our hands, kicks our butts and shows us how.” –Beth Comstock, author, Imagine It Forward, and former Vice Chair, GE


    Just Work [is] presented with thoughtful clarity and sensitivity. … Scott’s advice is rooted firmly in common sense, with a nod to the realities of human nature.” — Booklist


    “Many books describe how to create a better workplace. What makes Just Work exceptionally interesting and valuable is that Kim Scott vividly describes specific situations: experiences she went through herself or saw happen to people around her; actions she did―or didn’t―take, both as an employee and as a boss; and conversations she regrets having or not having. From lessons she learned the hard way, Kim Scott presents a practical framework for how to make work more just.” —Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project


    “Urgent and actionable, this passionate manifesto will be a welcome addition to any leader’s desk.” —Publishers Weekly

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