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The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

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Atul Gawande


A welcome book … packed with vivid writing, heart-stopping anecdotes and statistical surprises ― Financial Times Published On: 2010-01-06


This is not a paean to bureaucracy… Gawande… has an instinctive sense of how much jargon the lay reader will tolerate – how to maintain the balance between accessibility and precision. He manages to be vivid without being gruesome… Gawande’s style is always clear, with the crispy lilt that is a trademark of the New Yorker — Rafael Behr ― Observer Published On: 2010-01-24


Atul Gawande [is] an oncologist, writer and contributor to the New Yorker, whose lucid, intelligent dispatches from the surgical front have entertained and terrified readers for a decade or so… [a] riveting and thought-provoking book — David Aaronovitch ― The Times Published On: 2010-01-23


He argues eloquently and persuasively for the humble checklist. His pitch is candid about the delusions we work under and insightful about our self-justifications for cutting corners ― British Medical Journal Published On: 2010-01-30

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Acclaimed surgeon and writer Atul Gawande finds a remedy to tackle immensely complex problems with the humblest of techniques: the checklist. In riveting stories, Gawande takes us from Austria, where an emergency checklist saved a drowning victim who had spent half an hour underwater, to Michigan, where a cleanliness checklist in intensive care units virtually eliminated a type of deadly hospital infection. And he follows the checklist revolution into fields well beyond medicine, from disaster response to investment banking, skyscraper construction and business of all kinds.

About the Author

Atul Gawande is the author of three bestselling books: Complications, a finalist for the National Book Award; Better, selected by as one of the ten best books of 2007; and The Checklist Manifesto. He is also a surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, a staff writer for the New Yorker, and a professor at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health. He has won the Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science, a MacArthur Fellowship, and two National Magazine Awards. In his work in public health, he is Director of Ariadne Labs, a joint center for health system innovation, and Chairman of Lifebox, a charity making surgery safer globally. He lives with his wife and three children in Newton, Massachusetts.

Book Specifications

Title: The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right
Author: Atul Gawande
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Weight: 160g
Published Year: 2021
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 978-0143423225
Dimensions: 20.3 x 25.4 x 4.7 cm
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