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  • India’s Most Fearless: India’s Iconic Series on Military Heroes Box Set ( 3 in 1 )

    Rs. 4,690.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,563.33 with

    Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh


    • The men who hunted down terrorists in a magical Kashmir forest where day turned to night.
    • The Army major who led the legendary September 2016 surgical strikes on terror launch pads across the LoC.
    • A Navy officer who sailed into a treacherous port to rescue hundreds from an exploding war.
    • A bleeding Air Force pilot who found himself flying a jet that had become a screaming fireball.
    • An exclusive first-hand account of the 2020 Galwan clash.

    Featuring thirty-eight untold accounts, this box set brings together the three books from the India’s Most Fearless series-a collection of true stories of extraordinary courage and fearlessness that provide glimpses into the kind of heroism our soldiers display in unthinkably hostile conditions and under grave provocation.

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    A Life in the Shadows

    Rs. 3,190.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,063.33 with

    A.S. Dulat


    He is one of India’s most successful spymasters, renowned for his methods of engagement and accommodation in handling the Kashmir issue. Dulat, the author of two bestselling books, Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years (2014) and The Spy Chronicles: R&AW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace (2018), is sought after for his views on India, Pakistan, and Kashmir. In this unique memoir, Dulat breaks his notorious silence about his personal life, sharing stories from his Partition-bloodied childhood to his experiences as a young intelligence officer, encounters with international spymasters, travels around the world, observations on Kashmir post Article 370, and encounters with world leaders and celebrities. With remarkable honesty, verve, and wit, Dulat provides insights into a life richly lived and observed.

    or 3 X Rs. 1,063.33 with Koko Koko
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    Divided: Why We’re Living in an Age of Walls

    Rs. 2,990.00
    or 3 X Rs.996.67 with

    Tim Marshall


    New from the No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author of Prisoners of Geography We feel more divided than ever. This riveting analysis tells you why. Walls are going up. Nationalism and identity politics are on the rise once more. Thousands of miles of fences and barriers have been erected in the past ten years, and they are redefining our political landscape.


    There are many reasons why we erect walls, because we are divided in many ways: wealth, race, religion, politics. In Europe the ruptures of the past decade threaten not only European unity, but in some countries liberal democracy itself. In China, the Party’s need to contain the divisions wrought by capitalism will define the nation’s future. In the USA the rationale for the Mexican border wall taps into the fear that the USA will no longer be a white majority country in the course of this century.


    Understanding what has divided us, past and present, is essential to understanding much of what’s going on in the world today. Covering China; the USA; Israel and Palestine; the Middle East; the Indian Subcontinent; Africa; Europe and the UK, bestselling author Tim Marshall presents a gripping and unflinching analysis of the fault lines that will shape our world for years to come.

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  • The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich

    Rs. 5,690.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,896.67 with

    William L Shirer


    The standard work by which all others on the subject are still measured . . . Erudite, comprehensive and detailed, always lively and readable, it is the model of what a popular narrative history should be. ― Guardian


    One of the most important works of history of our time. ― New York Times


    In this political season, William L. Shirer’s mammoth history of Hitler’s Germany seems a useful guide to how a skilled demagogue can seize and destroy a great nation. ― Chicago Tribune


    ‘I can think of no book which I would rather put in the hands of anyone who wanted to find out what happened in Germany between 1930 and 1945, and why the history of those years should never be forgotten’ – Alan Bullock


    It was Hitler’s boast that the Third Reich would last a thousand years. Instead it lasted only twelve. But into its short life was packed the most cataclysmic series of events that Western civilisation has ever known.


    William Shirer is one of the very few historians to have gained full access to the secret German archives which the Allies captured intact. He was also present at the Nuremberg trials.


    First published sixty years ago, Shirer’s account of the years 1933–45, when the Nazis, under the rule of their despotic leader Adolf Hitler, ruled Germany is held up as a classic of its time. Some of his views have not stood the test of time but in this book Shirer explores how the Nazis commandeered the Holocaust, one of the most shocking acts of evil in modern history, plunged the world into a second war, and changed the face of modern history and modern Europe forever.

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  • A Promised Land flashbookslk
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    A Promised Land

    Rs. 5,490.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,830.00 with

    Barack Obama


    The #1 Sunday Times Bestseller

    – A Riveting Presidential Memoir by Barack Obama. From his early aspirations to historic victories, Obama shares his personal journey as the first African American president of the United States. Reflecting on the limits of presidential power, U.S. politics, and global challenges, Obama provides candid insights into decision-making, challenges faced, and the belief in progress. Beautifully written and introspective, this memoir captures Obama’s conviction that democracy is built on empathy and understanding.”

    or 3 X Rs. 1,830.00 with Koko Koko
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    The Mitrokhin Archive: The KGB in Europe and the West

    Rs. 5,490.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,830.00 with

    Christopher Andrew & Vasili Mitrokhin


    ‘One of the biggest intelligence coups in recent years’ —The Times


    ‘Sensational … the most informed and detailed study of Soviet subversive intrigues worldwide’ —Spectator


    ‘This tale of malevolent spymasters, intricate tradecraft and cold-eyed betrayal reads like a cold war novel’ —Time

    or 3 X Rs. 1,830.00 with Koko Koko
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    The Spymasters: How the CIA Directors Shape History and the Future

    Rs. 3,390.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,130.00 with

    Chris Whipple


    The best book about the CIA I’ve ever read. Its revelations are eye-popping, alternately exhilarating and depressing…How Whipple managed to pull so much history together, how he extracted such a wealth of detail from his principal sources—the CIA leaders themselves—is quite simply mind-boggling. This is an important book. And one hell of a story.” Christopher Buckley, New York Times bestselling author of The White House Mess and Thank You for Smoking


    “Compelling…Chris Whipple does for the CIA and Washington DC what Plutarch did for those whose job it was to expand and defend the glory of Rome—paint an indelible portrait of how the servants of government seek to know and control the world….One theme emerges from the career of each director—how difficult it is to tell presidents anything they don’t want to hear.” Thomas Powers, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Man Who Kept the Secrets: Richard Helms and the CIA


    From the New York Times bestselling author of The Gatekeepers, a remarkable, behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to run the world’s most powerful intelligence agency, and how the CIA is often a crucial counterforce against presidents threatening to overstep the powers of their office.


    Only eleven men and one woman are alive today who have made the life-and-death decisions that come with running the world’s most powerful and influential intelligence service. With unprecedented, deep access to nearly all these individuals plus several of their predecessors, Chris Whipple tells the story of an agency that answers to the United States president alone, but whose activities—spying, espionage, and covert action—take place on every continent. At pivotal moments, the CIA acts as a brake on rogue presidents, starting in the mid-seventies with DCI Richard Helms’s refusal to conceal Richard Nixon’s criminality and continuing to the present as the actions of a CIA whistleblower have ignited impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.


    Since its inception in 1947, the Central Intelligence Agency has been a powerful player on the world stage, operating largely in the shadows to protect American interests. For The Spymasters, Whipple conducted extensive, exclusive interviews with nearly every living CIA director, pulling back the curtain on the world’s elite spy agencies and showing how the CIA partners—or clashes—with counterparts in Britain, France, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. Topics covered in the book include attempts by presidents to use the agency for their own ends; simmering problems in the Middle East and Asia; rogue nuclear threats; and cyberwarfare.


    A revelatory, behind-the-scenes look, The Spymasters recounts seven decades of CIA activity and elicits predictions about the issues–and threats—that will engage the attention of future operatives and analysts. Including eye-opening interviews with George Tenet, John Brennan, Leon Panetta, and David Petraeus, as well as those who’ve just recently departed the agency, this is a timely, essential, and important contribution to current events.
    or 3 X Rs. 1,130.00 with Koko Koko
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    Alexander The Great

    Rs. 1,090.00
    or 3 X Rs.363.33 with

    Jacob Abbott


    A king at nineteen, dead at thirty-two and in between.. an empire that refused to end.This is the incredible true story of Alexander the Great, the boy who set out to win till there were ?no more worlds to conquer.? a ruthless and self-willed king of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia, Alexander?s rule extended from Greece to Egypt to India, making him one of history?s most successful military commanders. This enlightening account of the great king?s remarkable life, highlights not only his phenomenal military accomplishments, unparalleled success and victories and adept leadership qualities, but also brings for us an insight into this extremely interesting man?s life. Alexander the Great?s story is one of the most fascinating ones ever told and he continues to attract the attention of mankind by remaining an unsurpassed legendary hero.

    or 3 X Rs. 363.33 with Koko Koko
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    Emil Ludwig Napoleaon
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    Emil Ludwig’s Napoleon

    Rs. 2,190.00
    or 3 X Rs.730.00 with

    “Ludwig’s book is a classic for a reason. His interpretation of Napoleon is both sympathetic and critical, and he manages to shed light on both the man and the historical context in which he lived. While there have been many biographies of Napoleon over the years, Ludwig’s remains one of the best.” – Barnes & Noble review


    The story of Napoleon produces on me an impression like that produced by the revelation of Saint John the Divine. We all feel there must be something more in it, but we d not know what. — GOETHE

    or 3 X Rs. 730.00 with Koko Koko
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    War And Peace

    Rs. 3,890.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,296.67 with

    Leo Tolstoy


    War and Peace is a novel by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy. It is regarded as a central work of world literature and one of Tolstoy’s finest literary achievements.

    The novel chronicles the history of the French invasion of Russia and the impact of the Napoleonic era on Tsarist society through the stories of five Russian aristocratic families. Portions of an earlier version, titled The Year 1805, were serialized in The Russian Messenger from 1865 to 1867

    or 3 X Rs. 1,296.67 with Koko Koko
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    The Last Raid
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    The Last Raid: The Commandos, Channel Islands and Final Nazi Raid

    Rs. 2,990.00
    or 3 X Rs.996.67 with

    Will Fowler


    ‘Will Fowler’s account of the last German commando raids mounted from the Channel Islands against Allied targets in mainland France – thoroughly researched in both the Allied and German sources – is one of those fascinating footnotes to the history of the war that are too often forgotten.” —Martin Windrow, author of The Last Valley


    When Germany occupied the originally ‘demilitarised’ Channel Islands in 1940, Hitler ordered the area to be staunchly fortified with colossal permanent structures like Battery Moltke on Jersey. As it was the only piece of the British Isles in Nazi control, he was determined that the islands should remain German forever. Churchill was equally obsessed, urging numerous commando raids and harebrained schemes for the invasion and liberation of the islands. But when France was freed in 1944, the Channel Islands were completely bypassed. German troops were cut off from their supplies and the island population began to starve.


    Occupied for almost the entire war, these quintessentially English islands serve as a fascinating microcosm of what Britain might have been like under Nazi rule. With one German soldier to every three islanders, resistance had to remain at a low level: possession of a radio merited a prison sentence. The Last Raid is an atmospheric account of life under German occupation, as well as the political maneuvering behind the scenes. With the first detailed account in English of the Granville Raid, a unique German commando operation, Will Fowler combines the social experience of war with the military to form a fascinating chronicle of the fight for the Channel Islands during the Second World War.

    or 3 X Rs. 996.67 with Koko Koko
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