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Tag: Math Tricks

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    How Not to be Wrong: The Hidden Maths of Everyday Life

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    Jordan Ellenberg


    How Not to be Wrong” by Jordan Ellenberg is a bestselling book that challenges the perception of math as an abstract set of rules and reveals its relevance in our everyday lives. Ellenberg explores how mathematics touches on everything we do, from the mundane to the cosmic, and how it uncovers hidden structures beneath the chaotic surface of the world. Through engaging examples, the author shows us which numbers to defend, which ones to ignore, and when to change the equation entirely. The book covers various topics, including calculus, Gödel’s theorem, and practical applications like determining when to catch a flight. “How Not to be Wrong” offers readers a fresh perspective on the power and significance of mathematical thinking in navigating the complexities of the world.

    or 3 X Rs. 1,096.67 with Koko Koko
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