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    Winning In The Digital Age: Seven Building Blocks of a Successful Digital Transformation

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    Nitin Seth


    • Winner of the BBLF CK Prahalad Best Business Book Awards
    • Best Business Book in the 2022 Globe Awards
    • 2022 International Business Awards
    • 2022 American Business Awards
    • 2022 Axiom Business Book Awards.


    The practical handbook for understanding and winning in the post-COVID digital age and becoming a 21st century leader. For every enterprise and its leaders, the digital age is a roller-coaster ride with more than its fair share of thrills and spills. It presents them with great opportunities to leapfrog and grow.


    However, success is not easy in the Digital Age. It requires a complete overhaul of the business model and organizational design, and the mind-sets of professionals. Such a large and complex change is not easy to manage, and enterprises often lose their way in their digital transformation attempts. Nitin brings in this book his 25+ years of experience in leadership roles in world-class firms like Mckinsey and Fidelity and Digital natives like Flipkart and Incedo.


    He presents compelling insights and practical examples and answers key questions on how enterprises can win in the Digital Age: Why do firms fail at digital transformation? How are the rules of business changing in the digital age? What disruptive opportunities does digital present in various industries? How to best leverage the potential of digital technologies like AI and the Cloud? How do organizational capabilities and culture need to change? What new skills do leaders and young professionals need to build?


    Nitin brings clarity to the transformation process, breaking it down into seven building blocks and presenting how best to master them. The book is a practitioner’s guide for people across all age groups – students, young professionals, experienced professionals, senior executives on how they can realize the amazing opportunities the digital age offers them and achieve their true potential at work and in personal life.

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    The Innovator’s Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth

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    Clayton M. Christensen


    • A Wall Street Journal Bestseller
    • New York Times Bestseller
    • National Post Bestseller


    “Fresh thinking aplenty … nothing less than a handbook for managers who would rather disrupt than be disrupted” — The Financial Times


    “Every dilemma demands a solution. And this book lives up to its promise: More than an engrossing read, shot through with Christensen’s rigorous thinking and trademark clarity, it’s a valuable tool for every aspiring upstart–whether you’re inside a billion-dollar company or have a billion-dollar glimmer in your eye.” — Fast Company 


    “If [Christensen’s] first book left business with the quandary of how a middle-aged company can be as creative as the new kid on the block, [this] book is an instructive tutorial on how to rekindle the spark of youth and nurture the fragile flame.” — The New York Times


    A seminal work by bestselling author Clayton M. Christensen, now updated with fresh examples. In the international bestseller The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton Christensen exposed the Achille’s heel of many companies, by ignoring the disruptive technologies that evolve to displace them, they help initiate their own demise. In The Innovator’s Solution, Christensen and Michael Raynor take the idea of disruption one step further explaining how companies can and should become disruptors themselves.


    Now with several new chapters and updated cases, this revised and expanded edition shows how timely and relevant these ideas continue to be in today’s hyper-accelerated business environment. Christensen (author of the award-winning Harvard Business Review article, ”How Will You Measure Your Life?”), Raynor and new co-author Derek van Bever give advice on the business decisions crucial to achieving truly disruptive growth and propose guidelines for developing your own disruptive growth engine. Citing in-depth research and theories tested in hundreds of companies across many industries, The Innovator’s Solution is an important addition to any innovation library and an essential read for entrepreneurs and business builders.


    Key Features:

    • An updated edition of a business classic, fresh examples keep this book relevant
    • Audience for the book is senior managers and business leaders responsible for innovation, as well as their teams
    • Includes classic cases – Apple, Cisco, Dell, GE, IBM, Microsoft as well as newer cases still being finalized. From these stories, readers learn
    • Inside info from some of the world’s most innovative companies
    • Practical advice on how to create successful and disruptive innovations
    or 3 X Rs. 2,663.33 with Koko Koko
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