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Unposted Letter

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Mahatria Ra


Unposted Letter is life’s wisdom unfolded in simple, but in most effective manner. We begin our daily Senior Management meeting by listening to one wisdom from Unposted Letter and it has brought significant changes in the way we look at life. –Murugavel Janakiraman, CEO,


I usually read one article at random every night. Short, powerful insights, that amazingly gives the clarity I need at that point in time. It is like a Google that answers any question I have in my mind at that moment, only the answers are from my beloved Mahatria. –G. R. ‘Anand Ananthapadmanabhan, GRT Group


If there is one source that is influencing my thoughts and the being that makes a difference in this world through my work, it is Mahatria. This book will become THE starting point and a catalyst for anyone’s awesome journey ahead. Everyone deserves it. Begin your journey today. — Atul N. Shah, MD, FACAAI, FAAAAI, Medical Director, Center for Asthma & Allergy, NY, USA


In my entire career of over forty years in book publishing. I have never come across such original writing… I have read and re-read this book several times. — Rayasam H. Sharma Book Publishing Veteran

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The rise and fall of every human being has its effect on the overall human consciousness. Every lesson learnt, every mistake committed, every error corrected, every discovery, every invention, every insight, every idea, every revelation, every talent unfolded, every limit redefined, every thought released, every vibration experienced… by every individual paints yet another stroke in the evolution of human consciousness. When ‘a’ man lives his life with heightened awareness, his life helps humanity to gain a few years of maturity without having to live those few years. In effect, he fast-forwards humanity by a few years. Every being who is living his life with heightened awareness is actually doing God’s work… he has been delegated a responsibility by Existence to play a part in evolving human consciousness…


  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 220 pages