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The Ten Types of Human: Who We Are and Who We Can Be

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Dexter Dias


Dexter Dias is on the side of the angels, who turn out to be us, the people. He writes like an angel too. Uplifting and indispensable. — Howard Cunnell, author of Fathers and Sons


In defining and describing his human types, he draws on lab experiments, the animal kingdom, and all the literature you might expect from a modern behaviourist. Yet the main body of the book, the bits that transfixed and stayed with me, stopped me sleeping but got me up in the morning, were the human stories that Dias has travelled the world to find. His interviewees are always people, the most vivid flesh and blood, never case studies. And yet that’s not what’s so extraordinary about it: storytellers are rare, but not vanishingly so… Dias’s work as a human rights lawyer gives him this instinctive, urgent belief that all injustices, all catastrophes, exploitations, acts of violence, all human misery can be taken on and overcome, somehow, if the right people try and there are enough of them. His combination of rigour, idealism and pragmatism makes fertile terrain out of the most appalling battlefields… I emerged from this book feeling better about almost everything. The ideas in The Ten Types of Human are a layperson’s opening into a fascinating academic field: but more than that, a mosaic of faces building into this extraordinary portrait of our species. — Zoe Williams ― Guardian


The Ten Types of Human is a fantastic piece of non-fiction, mixing astonishing real-life cases with the latest scientific research to provide a guide to who we really are. It’s inspiring and essential. — Charles Duhigg


This book is the one. Dexter Dias has written a game changer. Think Sapiens and triple it. — Julia Hobsbawm, author of Fully Connected

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About the Author

Dexter Dias QC is one of the most eminent barristers in the UK. A specialist in human rights law, he has spent decades advocating for victims and survivors of institutional power abuses. He is a Deputy High Court Judge, Special Human Rights Adviser to UNICEF, Chair of the Bar’s Equality & Diversity Training Committee, and winner of the SMG award for Advocacy for Racial Justice.

In addition to his work as a barrister, Dias is a leading academic researcher on racism. After achieving one of the highest Firsts in two decades at Cambridge University, Dias was elected to a Foundation Scholarship at Jesus College. He was subsequently awarded a Visiting Research Fellowship at Harvard, where he examined the psychological effects of social and racial inequality. His TED Talk, ‘Racism wants your silence’, has been viewed over 1 million times.

Dias’ previous book, The Ten Types of Human, was a Waterstones Book of the Year, a BBC Radio 2 Book Club pick, and has sold nearly 100,000 copies worldwide.


Book Specifications

Title: The Ten Types of Human: Who We Are and Who We Can Be
Author: Dexter Dias
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 848
Weight: 662g
Published Year: 2018
Publisher: Windmill
ISBN: 978-0099592549
Dimensions: 12.7 x 5.33 x 19.69 cm
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