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Eminence Magazine Issue 01 – Muslim Majlis, University of Sri Jayawardenepura

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*** 100% of the Profit to Muslim Majlis of UOJ ***


A revolutionary writer can transform his society merely through his words. Eminence Magazine was inaugurated to empower such revolutionists with a knack for writing. Although this is our debut issue, the passion behind these pages began many years ago. As chief editors of the Majlis, we were enthralled to accept our responsibility for the Eminence, the first-ever magazine by the Muslim Majlis of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.


We are grateful to our presidents, the backbone of this great outcome, for trusting us and appointing us as the chair-persons of this initiative..


Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the proofreading teams in all three languages and the design team, whose vigor has been reflected in the backdrop of the magazine. We are also indebted to our valued sponsors, without whom the magazine would not have been a tangible reality.


We take this opportunity to thank the layout designer, Mr. SNM Suhail, for designing these aesthetic pages and Millennium Graphics (Pvt) Ltd. for their timely output. They customized the magazine according to our preferences, and we deeply appreciate their hard work behind these pages.


The pen is mightier than the sword.”

                           -Edward Bulwer-Lytton


A writer only begins where a reader ends. But the true pleasure of oneself is in comprehending the writer’s words in your own way. We believe that each word of an impactful writer has the ability to empower great personalities and uplift society in great ways.


We present Eminence as a continuous bridge between our writers and readers. Our thoughts are like a fountain of knowledge. Magazines take it to the hearts of those who crave for knowledge. Eminence is happily appending to this list.


 We hope you find yourself in these thoughtful pages in this first edition of Eminence and in the upcoming editions as well..


Thank You and Jazakallahu Khair

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This is the inaugural issue of Eminence magazine by Muslim Majlis of the University of Sri Jayawardenepura.



Title: Eminence Issue 01

Writers: Abdul Hakeem (Engineering), Ayisha Maksood (Social Sciences), Fathima Yaseera (Technology), Poornima Weerasinghe (Management Studies), Maduri Madushani (Humanities and Social Sciences), Wimukthi Madushan Wathudura (Humanities and Social Sciences), N. F. Razana (Applied Physics), Livahul Hamna (Technology), Pomuditha Lankesha Katugampala (Philosophy and Psychology), Rishini Amaya (Management Studies), Mariyam Raslan (Medical Sciences), Isitha Ireshana (Medical Sciences), Hamna Fazeel (Engineering), Upeksha Aththanayake (Technology), A. H. A. Wazeemullah (Technology), S. Janittra (Technology), Malithi Fernando (Humanities and Social Sciences), Sabeer Gafoor (Allied Health Sciences), A.A.S. Aeman (Medical Sciences), Reema Shakir (Medical Sciences), Farook Izzath Shahana (Medical Sciences)

University: Sri Jayawardenepura University, Sri Lanka

Pages: 64

Language: English (80%), Tamil and Sinhala

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