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    Aiming High: Masayoshi Son, SoftBank Group, and Disrupting Silicon Valley

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    Atsuo Inoue


    ‘I have no intention of making small bets’ Masayoshi Son


    In order to understand what’s happening in Silicon Valley, you just need to look at Masayoshi Son.


    There is no one in the world right now who is in a better position to influence the next wave of technology than Masayoshi Son. Not Jeff Bezos, not Mark Zuckerberg, not Elon Musk. They might have the money, but they lack Masa’s combination of ambition, imagination, and nerve.


    Masayoshi Son is the most powerful person in Silicon Valley. As CEO and founder of the Japanese investment firm, SoftBank, ‘Masa’ has invested in some of the most exciting and influential tech companies in recent memory – Uber, WeWork, ByteDance, Slack, and many others. Prior to that, he was known as one of the first investors in Alibaba and Yahoo!


    He has an audacious vision for the future and one that is unmatched in the tech industry. Aiming High provides insight into this charismatic and visionary leader.


    Originally published in Japan, this book charts Son’s rise from a Korean immigrant who dropped out of high school to becoming one of the wealthiest people in the world. With unprecedented access to Son, including exclusive interviews, this book creates an authoritative account of how SoftBank and it’s visionary and charismatic CEO is shaping the future of tech.

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  • The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

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    Chris Gillebeau


    The money you have is enough. Chris makes it crystal clear: there are no excuses left. START. Start now, not later. Hurry — Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling author


    Thoughtful, funny and compulsively readable, this guide shows how ordinary people can build solid livings, with independence and purpose, on their own terms — Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project



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    Traction: How Any Startup can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth

    Rs. 3,890.00
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    Gabriel Weinberg, Justin Mares


    Anyone-founders, managers, and executives-trying to break through to new customers can use this smart, ambitious book — Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup


    Traction is an absolute must. The Bullseye Framework Gabe and Justin layout is probably the greatest tool in my catalog over the past year. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just getting started, Traction offers a framework that creates efficiency, clarity, and focus. Traction is equal to and should be read alongside The Lean Startup  Adam Kearney, Founder & CEO, Saunter


    In Traction, Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares, serial entrepreneurs, provide startups with tools for explosive customer growth. Learn the 19 channels to build your customer base and a three-step framework to determine the best strategies for your business. From the red-hot center of the internet marketing universe, Seth Godin calls it the latest, most specific tactics for success

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    Winning In The Digital Age: Seven Building Blocks of a Successful Digital Transformation

    Rs. 3,590.00
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    Nitin Seth


    • Winner of the BBLF CK Prahalad Best Business Book Awards
    • Best Business Book in the 2022 Globe Awards
    • 2022 International Business Awards
    • 2022 American Business Awards
    • 2022 Axiom Business Book Awards.


    The practical handbook for understanding and winning in the post-COVID digital age and becoming a 21st century leader. For every enterprise and its leaders, the digital age is a roller-coaster ride with more than its fair share of thrills and spills. It presents them with great opportunities to leapfrog and grow.


    However, success is not easy in the Digital Age. It requires a complete overhaul of the business model and organizational design, and the mind-sets of professionals. Such a large and complex change is not easy to manage, and enterprises often lose their way in their digital transformation attempts. Nitin brings in this book his 25+ years of experience in leadership roles in world-class firms like Mckinsey and Fidelity and Digital natives like Flipkart and Incedo.


    He presents compelling insights and practical examples and answers key questions on how enterprises can win in the Digital Age: Why do firms fail at digital transformation? How are the rules of business changing in the digital age? What disruptive opportunities does digital present in various industries? How to best leverage the potential of digital technologies like AI and the Cloud? How do organizational capabilities and culture need to change? What new skills do leaders and young professionals need to build?


    Nitin brings clarity to the transformation process, breaking it down into seven building blocks and presenting how best to master them. The book is a practitioner’s guide for people across all age groups – students, young professionals, experienced professionals, senior executives on how they can realize the amazing opportunities the digital age offers them and achieve their true potential at work and in personal life.

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    Money Men: A Hot Startup, A Billion Dollar Fraud, A Fight for the Truth

    Rs. 3,690.00
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    Dan McCrum


    Dan McCrum’s deep dive into Wirecard was the financial investigation of the decadeMoney Men tells the story from inside Wirecard’s headquarters with entertaining drama and verve, but it also unspools the high-stakes reporting process McCrum and his colleagues carried out at the Financial Times against the odds. It instantly enters the canon of great financial crime books. — Bradley Hope, co-author of New York Times bestseller Billion Dollar Whale


    A milestone in the history of investigative journalism. — Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany, awarding the Reporters Forum Reporterpreis


    Money Men is a rip-roaring ride into the underworld of the global economy. Dan McCrum is a proper reporter: there is no threat, con trick or hangover that will stand in his way. In today’s pandemic of lies, courageous journalism like this is the medicine. — Tom Burgis, Sunday Times bestselling author of Kleptopia


    This behind-the-scenes look into the years of work and the persistence that was required to topple Wirecard is nothing short of incredible. ― AltFi


    A fantastic book. Think of Dan as a bespectacled James Bond with a keyboard instead of a gun. ― Steve Clapham, author of The Smart Money Method


    Money Men is the astonishing inside story of Wirecard’s multi-billion-dollar fraud, Europe’s biggest new tech darling revealed as a house of cards. Uncovering fake bank accounts, fake offices and possibly even a fake death, McCrum offers a searing exposé that will finally lay bare the truth.


    When journalist Dan McCrum followed a tip to investigate the hot new tech company challenging Silicon Valley, everything about Wirecard looked a little too good to be true: offices were sprouting up around the world, it was reporting runaway growth and the CEO even wore a black turtleneck in tribute to Steve Jobs. In the space of a few short years, the company had come from nowhere to overtake industry giants like Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank on the stock market.


    As McCrum dug deeper, he encountered a story stranger and more dangerous than he ever imagined: a world of short sellers and whistleblowers, pornographers and private militias, hackers and spies. Before long he realised that he wasn’t the only one in pursuit. Shadowy figures were following him through the streets of London, high-flying lawyers were sending ominous letters to his boss, and he was named as the prime suspect in a criminal inquiry. The race was on to prove his suspicions and clear his name.


    This is the stranger-than-fiction story of Wirecard, once a $30 billion tech darling, now a smouldering wreck, by the journalist who brought it crashing down – perfect for those who loved Bad Blood and Empire of Pain.


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    The Creation of Wealth: The Tatas from the 19th to the 21st Century

    Rs. 2,390.00
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    R. M. Lala


    ‘A saga of enterprise, that is not to be missed’ – Business Line 


    ‘The book stands out like a jewel in more ways than one… A writer of the calibre of R.M. Lala invests the entire narrative with simplicity, dignity and elegance’ – Financial Express


     When Jamsetji Tata started a trading firm in 1868, few could have guessed that he was also opening an important chapter in the making of modern India. Jamsetji saw that the three keys to India’s industrial development were steel, hydroelectric power and technical education and research. A century and a half later, the Tatas can claim with justice to have lived up to the vision of their founder.


    But the road to success has never been smooth. Appearing for the first time in this edition is the story of how the Tatas, with Ratan Tata at the helm, have had to grapple with change in the post-1992 era of economic reforms. In a frank epilogue, Ratan Tata talks about the difficulties he faced in implementing change, including resistance from his colleagues. The Creation of Wealth is R.M. Lala’s best-selling account of how the Tatas have been at the forefront in the making of the Indian nation “not just by their phenomenal achievements as industrialists and entrepreneurs but also by their signal contributions in areas like factory reforms, labour and social welfare, medical research, higher education, culture and arts and rural development.

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