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The Ultimate Sales Accelerator: One Surprisingly Powerful Strategy to Create EPIC Sales in Business and in Life

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Amit Agarwal




There are 7.7 billion sales owners in the world. Everyone is selling either a product, a service or an idea. The fact that everyone is selling brings its own unique challenges and possibilities.


How can high-growth companies and start-ups win clients amid unprecedented competition?


How can one close large deals virtually?


How does one become a great storyteller and influence others?


How can one communicate effectively in life scenarios such as parenting, hiring or asking for a raise?


What is the higher purpose of sales?


Sharing forty-two practical business, consumer and real-life experiences, this book reveals one simple and powerful sales strategy that is the perfect answer to all the above questions. In an engaging manner, Amit provides you with a clear and easy-to-implement blueprint for this strategy.

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About the Author

Amit Agarwal is a Teacher at heart, a Student at mind and a Warrior in action.

Utilizing this Student-Teacher-Warrior mindset, Amit aims to harness and evangelize four life skills: sales, mindfulness, nutritional diet and personal finance. He believes that incremental progress in harnessing these life skills helps us balance material accomplishments and spiritual growth.

Amit’s two books, The Ultimate Sales Accelerator and Small Is Big, are steps in this journey of evangelizing the four life skills and balancing spirit and matter.

An IIT-IIM alumnus, Amit has coined the term Salespreneur® and created a new sales strategy: Use Case Selling®. He has professional selling experience in twenty-three countries across bootstrapped and Series A, B, C and D start-ups.

Amit grew up in Jhansi, a historic town in northern India. He currently lives in the suburbs of Bengaluru amidst beautiful farmlands with his wife, Ayesha, and sons, Tanish and Aarav.


Book Specifications

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 296
Published Year: 2022
Publisher: Penguin Business
ISBN: 9780143460435


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