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The Power of Unwavering Focus: Focus Your Mind, Find Joy and Manifest Your Goals

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Does your mind wander?
Do you find it hard to concentrate?
Do you jump from one task to another?
Are you stressed? Anxious? Depressed? Fearful?
The life you want is within reach if you master the power of focus.


By mastering the skill of focus, we can permanently lay these mental roadblocks to rest and become our best selves. Focus lies at the core of all human success, but never before have so many of us experienced the inability to concentrate. Distraction is a silent epidemic in our modern world. It is damaging relationships, our working lives and, ultimately, our happiness. We’ve become masters of distraction because that’s what we practice all day, every day. As our fast-paced lives compete with a relentless bombardment of information, we switch focus from one thing to another all the time. And it’s making us unhappy.


The Power of Unwavering Focus is a practical, ten step guide to understanding and harnessing the human mind. Whether you’re seeking to improve yourself as a parent, a leader or an attentive listener, this book will help you learn how to focus and in doing so, dramatically improve your productivity, relationships, mental health, happiness and your ability to achieve your life goals.


Drawing on ancient Hindu monastic tradition, Dandapani, a former monk, shows us that concentration is a skill that we can learn and improve through practice.

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About the Author

Dandapani is a Hindu priest, entrepreneur, and former monk. A highly sought-after international speaker and leading expert on leveraging the human mind and the power of focus to create a life of purpose and joy, Dandapani has shared the stage with world-renowned leaders such as Hillary Clinton, former secretary-general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, and former French president François Hollande. He and his wife are currently creating a thirty-three-acre spiritual sanctuary and gardens in Costa Rica to further their mission of inspiring self-transformation and positively shifting humanity’s relationship with nature.


Book Specifications

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 288
Published Year: 2022
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781804991480


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