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What Do You Think You Are?: The Science of What Makes You You

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Brian Clegg


‘Gets right to the heart of what makes us what we are. Read it!’ Angela Saini, author of Inferior and Superior: The Return of Race Science

The popular science equivalent of Who Do You Think You Are?

Popular science master Brian Clegg’s new book is an entertaining tour through the science of what makes you you.


What’s great about the book overall is both Clegg’s gift as a storyteller – it’s just an excellent, pageturning read – and the way he threads together so many revelations about us as humans, the sort of thing that you want to share with someone else. ―



The most interesting part is when the book explores what consciousness is (or, rather, highlights how little we know about it but still shows how much more there is to “us” than the conscious part) and pulls apart the old nature versus nurture debate with some remarkable material on genetics and how the influence of our environment is mathematically chaotic. ― Peet Morris, Times Higher Education

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About the Author

Brian Clegg’s most recent books for Icon are Professor Maxwell’s Duplicitous Demon and Conundrum. He has also written Big Data and Gravitational Waves for the Hot Science series. He is editor of and blogs at


Book Specifications

Title: What Do You Think You Are?: The Science of What Makes You You
Author: Brian Clegg
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 256
Weight: 223g
Published Year: 2021
Publisher: Icon Book
ISBN: 978-1785786600
Dimensions: 13.34 x 2.54 x 19.69 cm
Print size: Please feel free to drop us a message.