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The War for Kindness: Building Empathy in a Fractured World

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Jamil Zaki


The War for Kindness by Jamil Zaki explores the science and psychology of empathy, its importance, and its effects on society. Zaki argues that empathy is not just a trait that some people possess, but a skill that can be learned and developed. By breaking down the assumptions about empathy, he provides insights on how empathy works, how it can be controlled and how to become a better empathiser. The book includes stories and examples from various fields, including medicine, social work, and politics, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of empathy’s power and potential.

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About the Author

JAMIL ZAKI received his Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia University, and then conducted postdoctoral research at the Harvard University Center for Brain Sciences. He is now a Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and the Director of the Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab. His research focuses on the cognitive and neural bases of social behaviour, and in particular on how people understand each other’s emotions (empathic accuracy), why they conform to each other (social influence), and why they choose to help each other (altruism). His work on empathy has been well received in the academic community. He has published over 50 articles, spoken at about 100 conferences around the world, and received awards from organizations including the National Science Foundation, the Association for Psychological Science, the Society for Neuroscience, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, and Harvard and Stanford Universities. He is also passionate about applying this research, and has joined forces with many people outside academia to help advise and test empathy-building interventions.


Book Specifications

Title: The War for Kindness: Building Empathy in a Fractured World
Author: Jamil Zaki
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 272
Weight: 209g
Published Year: 2021
Publisher: Robinson
ISBN: 978-1472139344
Dimensions: 12.4 x 2.8 x 19.6 cm
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